How to use signage to promote your business

Any business that wants to have a strong visual brand must have signage as a crucial component of its overall marketing strategy. A signage helps a business communicate with potential consumers, telling them what the business does and where it is located. A well designed signage can help a business gain visibility and build brand recognition in the minds of its consumers. It can also help highlight the businesses’ unique attributes and differentiate it from other players in the market. FM LED Digital Group have worked with a large number of high profile brands providing effective project management ensuring brand consistency nationwide.

Signage can also be used to share information on their sales and other promotions. This marketing tool can help businesses strengthen their online marketing and sales by providing website details.

In order to effectively leverage the intrinsic benefits of signage to promote your business you must ensure that the signage integrates the following features:

  • High Visibility: A signage must have high visibility – its size, height, fonts, colours, colour contrast must be such that the content is clearly visible from a distance. The quality of the graphics and photographs used must also be of high resolution and clarity. Without getting attention, a sign is worthless to a business.
  • Proper Location: A signage must have high effective visibility, that is, it must be physically viewable by a large number of people. Proper location of the signage goes a long way in ensuring that maximum people see it.
  • Informative: A signage must communicate the business name, what the business does, where it is located and how it is differentiated from other players. It also must incorporate the brand logo to strengthen brand visibility. Contact numbers, website and physical address must also be incorporated in a signage.
  • Proximity: How close an outdoor signage is to the business also determines its effectiveness. A signage that is too far away could result in a potential customer forgetting about it.
  • Adhere to local signage regulations: The signage must adhere to the local signage regulations. One can hire the services of professionals who are aware of the local codes and can guide the process of developing a signage which meets the city ordinances along with being attractive to the consumers.